War Widows Guild Of Australian NSW: Be there for the war widows whenever they need

War Widow Guild of NSW staff members. Source from https://www.facebook.com/WarWidowsNSW/

My feature stories will focus on the not-for-profit organization War Widow Guild of Australia NSW, which offer help to war widows throughout their daily life.

Why should our readers care?

Anzac Day 2018 highlights the contribution of women. It is the first time that servicewomen lead the March and this news has been widely covered by Australian mainstream media.

It is also the first time that war widows are invited to join the March. This gives the feature story a news hook. But war widows seem to be excessively neglected by the society since there are not many media outlets report the news expect a coverage made by ABC news. The story illustrated how war widow’s life look like after the death of their husbands, either on the war field or because of suicide due to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

War Widows: The Wives and families left behind. ABC 7.30 report

Sign of NSW War Widow Guild. Source from https://www.google.com.au/search?q=war+widows+guild+nsw&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwij3IvL2vPaAhUHxrwKHduwAWIQ_AUICigB&biw=1440&bih=826#imgrc=9KjA98jAISvctM:

It can be easily told from the video that how much war widows need support from each other. War Widow Guild of Australia NSW is such an organization that provides various supports to war widows of NSW region. They hold social events for their members regularly and help them claim entitlements if needed. Most importantly, they are also working on getting more welfare for the widows from the government.

Who will be talking to and where do the sources primarily coming from?

Some of the members and staffs in the organization will be interviewed, they are usually both at the most of time.

  • Strategic Implementation Manager – Theresa Juda
  • Staff member as well as a War widow – Susan Smith
Hardcover book provided by the Guild.


The source will mainly from the organization’s webpage, social media, and some documents. For example, a hardcover book which contains biographies and history of war widow members provided by the Guild.


Where should it be published and who are the audiences?

The targeted publication of this feature story is Sydney Morning Herald Good Weekend feature section, which publishes feature stores mainly on weekends to general Syndey public who should know more and pay more attention to the group.

Also, potentially Women of history, a blog highlights the contribution of wonderful women throughout the river of history.



To better illustrate this story, images of the war widow interviewee will be given so that readers build an image of how war widows look like. Besides, some infographics can be used. For instance, a pie chart can be used to demonstrate the age diversity within the organization, which caused one of the most difficult challenges to the guild – to fulfill members needs of different ages.

Additionally, a short video of the interview will be provided to give readers a more clear image of the interviewees’ expression. Moreover, links to organizations social media (e.g. Twitter, Facebook page) will be embedded properly for the purpose of better navigating the readers if they want to know more. Moreover, to interact the readers, a quiz of will people donate to the organization to help war widows will be put up and a donation link will be given at the end. Further, comment areas are always open up for further commenting.

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  1. Janice,

    I think your idea’s worth rests in its human interest component. I suggest broadening your argument to give context around Australian veteran, ex-service and family organisations and their impact, using the Guild as a case study/evidence to support. The Department of Veteran’s Affairs will prove to be a fantastic, authoritative source so it would be worth contacting their media team for an interview. Also, ask the Guild to connect you with women they’ve assisted.

    It appears you have duplicated your feature photo in the body of the text – worth editing. Perhaps you can include ‘then and now’ photos to complement the emotive tone of the piece.

    Good luck!


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