ONE GRIL FOUNDATION: Solution to Eradicate World Poverty

Assignment 2 Pitch- Female Education is not only their rights but it is also a solution to global poverty.

Students from the ONE GIRL foundation - ONE GIRL foundation website.

Chosen Publication and Target Group

I would like to write a feature story for the Online publishing platform Medium, attempting to explain how crucial it is to support organisations such as ONE GIRL so that girls do get an education, start creating change and eventually eradicate poverty.

Generation X, also commonly known as millennials will be the target group of this feature story. Medium the online publishing platform chosen for this story target readers are aged between 20-37, which falls into the selected target group.

Millenials have been chosen as the target user, as they have been brought up in a society where gender equality is demanded and expected. Most of them are unaware that there places in this world where female literacy rates are drastically low and child marriages are the norm.

The main aim of this story would be educate the targeted user group and get them to be more physically involved in these organisations so that change is not only expected and also brought upon.

The Angle

Although there are many stories about the importance of  female education, it is usually related to gender equality and feminism.

However in this news story instead of talking about how it is a woman’s right to be educated, I will be taking about the benefits of female education, and how by simply encouraging girls to go to school, we can break the cycle of poverty.

By contributing to organisations such as the ONE GIRL, we as a society can put a stop to child marriages, teach them about family planning and provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills which can be used for the growth and development of the country.

Sources of Information

I will be interviewing the fund-raising and relationship manager of the ONE GIRL- Katy Le Gall, to understand the actual support and funds they receive and most importantly find out if it is enough to make an impactful change.

I will also be getting in touch with Christina Kamara, a volunteer assistant at the foundation who works with the girls and help them receive their education. I will be interviewing her to write about how important education is to these girls, and that our readers will understand exactly how much actual support these girls needs from our society.

Multimedia, Text and Interactivity

I will be using 2 types of multimedia to keep readers engaged and interested.

Contrasting photos will be used. Images of young girls going to school and getting an education will be posted next too images of young girls forced in the marriage and taking care of children where they themselves are children. Photos will be sourced from the foundation website and some will be generic.

Video documentary of the one of the girls Christina Kamara has helped through the program will be on autoplay as the readers scroll down the story. Ability to share the video and a comment section will be provided to increase interactivity.

If my pitch is accepted, I can provide Medium with a draft within the month end.

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  1. Hi Hasinah! This story sounds fascinating, I’d really look forward to reading it if the pitch is accepted. It sounds like you have a good number of potential interviews lined up, and it should be interesting to hear their stories. I think the video documentary about Christina Kamara would be a really great way to feature an engaging story about her work. Will you be putting this together yourself?

    As far as the country you’re writing about, does this organization work in Australia, or is there any way for an Australian audience to support them? Perhaps you could emphasize the fact that poverty is still present in many first world countries like Australia as well.

    I’m looking forward to reading this story once it’s finished! Best of luck with all of the research and interviews.

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