Why should we protect the Great Barrier Reef?

Assignment 2: online proposal

Coral bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef
This image is downloaded from the internet, and it compares the Great Barrier Reef's original model and bleaching model.


Global warming leads to raising the temperature of the ocean, damaging oceanic chains and has posed threats to the Great Barrier Reef seriously in Australia. There is a slew of issues in Australian marines related to fewer fishes, vanishing starfish and coral bleaching because of climate change and water pollution. The Australian government has invested millions of funds to rescue the Great Barrier Reef and implemented a protection plan.

The Great Barrier Reef is listed in the World Heritage, which is precious and it is a valuable landscape for tourism, more importantly, it is tough to restore in the future. To prevent reefs not be further destroyed in the future, and these are reasons why we should implement effective actions to protecting the Great Barrier Reefs and other kinds of reefs as soon as possible in Australia.


The story topics and angles

My argument is based on the negative potential to the reefs especially the Coral Reef and the Great Barrier Reef. They are influenced by global warming and water contamination. Australian government such as Queensland and federal governments have taken the Reef 2050 Plan and has dealt with problems to some extent. More research is needed to explore how to protect reefs in a more reasonable and sustainable method and  I am supposed to write a news commentary.


The publication and target users group

The target users will be the public who care about the Great Barrier Reef and who are supposed to know how to protect the reefs without further damage. The groups may be in or outside Australia, and some of them are professionals who want to do more researches about this project, and the rest of them may be environment protectors, policy promulgators or even common traveling lovers who are not willing to see such a beautiful landscape disappear in the future.

This news commentary could be published on international news websites like BBC News, China daily or national news websites such as the Australian and any newspapers and magazines in Australia.


Sources of information

  • Interviews:

This argument I would like to interview Professor Stefan Williams who has done a research about marine robotics to protect the marine environment and save the Great Barrier Reef, or Larissa Waters from The Greens who cares about the environment in New South Wales.

  • Social media:

Social media is popular in most fields, and some experts that they have post numbers of research reports on Twitter, so I can follow them to get much information.

  • Online:

Some sources have been found in The Conversation, statistics websites, Google alert, and documentaries about what the condition of the Great Barrier Reef is, what the Great Barrier Reef is affected of, and what policies and plans have been implemented.


Ideas of multimedia, hypertext, and interactivity

There are a number of statistics, pictures, relevant websites and documentaries about the Great Barrier Reef.

Besides, the background to introduce it and related elements influence on it are also found in some videos. Websites stories and electronic documentaries can be linked to.

Furthermore, screenshots may be used by capturing contents from social media. If it is permitted, interviewee’s audio recording may be put in so that can be more reliable.

Moreover, it is possible to contact on social media with users that leave a detailed contact at the end of the news commentary, so that can make deep communications with each other’s ideas.


word count:567


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  1. People need to find more effective ways to protect the coral reefs which is affected by global warming in Australia. This topic has a worthwhile in-depth study and could be continuously reported for a long time. Global warming will attract worldwide attention, and more protection methods can be effectively shared that will help more countries to solve problems.
    As far as I know, the WWF-Australia find more impacts which is the Global warming is affecting life in Australia. In 2017, WWF-Australia has welcomed commitment to renewable energy to protect the Great Barrier Reef. In addition to interviewing the experts, the NGOs’ information also have worthy of reference. Finding their way to solve global warming that will call for more environmental protector take part in doing beneficial things to protect coral reefs.
    Good Luck for your story!

  2. As a beginning diver and sea-lover, I can absolutley support the idea of a news commentary about the protection of the Great Barrier Reef. The topic is current and newsworthy and concerns all Australians, as the Great Barrier Reef belongs to their country and is a part of the World Heritage which must be protected. Moreoever, all environmental-, and animal protectors as well as scientists will be interested in this topic. Also, travelers and tourists of course. So, the publications such as The Australian or BBC and China Daily are appropriate choices. The Guardian could also be a suitable one.
    The interviewees you have chosen sound interesting, especially the interview with Professor Stefan Williams about the marine robotics! Maybe you can also include photos of this robotics if he can provide you some?
    Another interesting perspective could be to look at specific animal species in the Great Barrier Reef which are endangered from extinction and to show these in images with short descriptions/info-boxes.
    The idea to collect information and data on social platforms is also good and will give the story a more interactive notion.
    All in all, an interesting idea for a news commentary! Good Luck 🙂

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