Student-led gun-control rallies sweep US

Student-led gun-control rallies sweep US

This is an analysis of the news on the gun-control march in the U.S. covered by the China Daily.

Overall, the article is strict one which follows all the basic rules of news writing as the China Daily is the government funded news institution of China.

However, as an online journalism, there are some improvements to do on this article.

Hypermedia: In this article, the author only used one image. As an online new, videos will help a lot. Especially when we are trying to cover a news story about the march. The audience need to see the movement and hear the sound so that they can be more into the story.

Link: The trigger point of the march is the mass gun shooting in a high school in Florida last month. A link of this news story should be added to the article in case people do not know it and also gives the article more chance to be searched.

Quotes: Too much quotes are used in the article. I will reduce some of them such as the words of the mother as the main leading of the march are students.

Data and numbers: More numbers will be used into the story such as how many people was in the march, the age range of the students and the statistics of the gun shooting incidents that happened before.

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  1. Luming Bao

    You have made some useful suggestions about improving the linking, the informational and the multimedia content of this story. Hypertextuality is the clearest thing missing from the CD story, but of course the Chinese government may not enable linking to sources in the U.S.
    Your post gave me some pause for thought initially, as you had a persistent line of text that was disturbing the layout of the post. Then I realised you had put a sentence in the advertising code field underneath the post window. That section is only for inserting ads in your post…which I’m sure you didn’t intend to do. I have removed it.

    A few thoughts for your full analysis:
    – I am worried you don’t know how to embed a link in keywords, so I have edited your post to show you how to embed the initial link to the CD article. I’d like you to add another link somewhere in your post to show me you can do this effectively.
    – I’m not clear why you repeated your headline in the precede [called the subheading in this blog template] The precede should encourage people to read on – so it should summarise the most interesting aspect, pose a question about the story or make a provocative point.
    – you need a feature image to complete this blog post. It will then appear as a thumbnail promoting your post in the Assignment 1 category. Check out the feature image function to the bottom right of the new post field
    – what video would you embed and where in the text? Can you give me an example from another site?
    – I don’t agree with you about the quotes. Quotes bring stories alive. They convey controversial and interesting information in a way that is immediate, and clearly attributed to the source. In this case as the march is a demonstration of citizen protest, quotes are essential.
    – don’t forget to use keyword tags as part of your post (see the tags field to the right of the new post field on the blog)

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