Older netizens benefit from use of internet

This is an analysis of the news story Older netizens benefit from the use of internet covered by China Daily.

Basically, this is a press based on data, it reports that a large proportion of middle-aged and elderly netizens of China benefited from the Internet although there are some risks of being cheated.

The Pros:

Firstly, this news is easy to read with a specific theme. Secondly, there is a great deal of data to support the point and thus increases the news authenticity and credibility.

The Cons:

However, there are still shortcomings to some extent. As for readers, it hard for them to have a specific image by viewing a set of data. It could use an example of the older netizens, which in relation to his routine. In this case, it might be easier for readers to see big things through small ones, instead of monotonous numbers to describe the fact.

Besides, it could create a pie chart to show the statistics and visualize the numbers, based on big data of nearly 35.8 million user analysis. In this case, it might help audiences get a more intuitive feeling during their readings.

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  1. Great suggestion about introducing an infographic to explain the data cited in this story Lindsay. You could have a couple of graphs explaining what topics older people consumed most, and one suggesting what skills or internet literacies they require. Hypertextuality is the clearest thing missing from this story though. I think a link to the research report is essential.
    The writing could also use a bullet point list in giving details of what percentage were cheated in different ways.
    A few other thoughts for your final analysis:
    – you don’t need the words “online news analysis” in the headline. You’ve already categorised the story as Assignment 1.
    – I am worried you don’t know how to embed a link in keywords, so I have edited your post to show you how to embed the initial link to the China Daily article. I’d like you to add another link somewhere in your post to show me you can do this effectively.
    – You don’t have a main image on your post, but I think you could use the one in the China Daily story. You could also use it as a feature image, in which case it will also appear as the thumbnail image on the Assignment 1 listing. At the moment you don’t have a feature image set, so you could explore doing that [see the feature image field at the right hand side of the new post window].
    – I would like biographical details for the journalist Jiang Chenglong
    – the related stories need thumbnail images, which would make them more interesting and increase the likelihood the links would be accessed.
    – don’t forget to use keyword tags as part of your post (see the tags field to the right of the new post field on the blog)

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