Nearly 150 beached Pilot Whales die in Australia

The major news event I’ve chosen to analyze for assignment one is the breaching of 150 pilot whales off the shores of Western Australia. This article comes from the legacy publication the BBC.

This article was successful because it implemented these characteristics:

Transmedia – The story has an option for sharing on all media platforms

Hyperlinks – This article uses multiple links to previous articles on this topic because this was an update to a previous reporting and other Australian publications about topic

Multimedia – The article uses images and videos in addition to text

Brevity – The lengths of sentences are short and the information is not presented in chunks but in shorter pieces.



Shanti Smith
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Shanti is an international post graduate student at the University of Sydney. She holds a B.A. in Communication Studies from the University of Colorado and looks to pursue a career in media.

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  1. Great choice of feature image Shanti, but you haven’t done what was required for this section of the assignment – which was to suggest how you could improve the online delivery of this story. You’ve told me why it’s effective instead. You have the chance to resubmit for a pass mark on this section of the assignment. Please repost this by Thursday.
    A few pointers for the full analysis:
    – Rather than just using the link word “article”, try some search engine optimisation with the link e.g. I’m analysing this “whale beaching article” from the BBC, a legacy news service
    – please set your links to open in new tabs [see my slide from week 4 on use of the link settings icon]
    – You need a caption on your feature image, and details of who owns the copyright.
    – the feature image is displaying twice. Once you set it as your feature, it automatically appears at the head of the article so you don’t need to insert it again.
    – you might like to correct spelling of Hamelin in your tags

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