Analysis the news about Florida school shooting covered by Wikinews

This analysis of a Wikinews story aims to improve the content of this news which is called “Florida school shooting suspect faces death penalty, appears silent in Court”.


  1. Accuracy

The first thing the news needs to improve is the unclear timeline. “When” as one of the important component of the news story needs to tell in the first sentence. In this news, the writer used “this Wednesday” instead of specific day in the first sentence, it will mislead readers in some instance.



Image:  the first paragraph of the news

  1. Links:
  • The news lacked enough links which are helpful for readers to acquire more information. The third paragraph of the news is the brief of the story, it can link to the shooting video or the whole news. ex:
  • The news can add more images such as the photo of the victim or the photo that the suspect in court. It can make the news more abundant.
  1. Participation:

The most obvious merit of Wikinews is allowed everyone to edit and supplement the news, however, there was no space for public to publish the comments.

  1. Layout

Between the news story and the headline, it existed more than 200 words introduction about Wikinews writing principles. It occupied a large page and diverted the readers’ attention from the news.

Image: Wikinews writing principles


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  1. Good suggestion for improving the informational, hypertext and multimedia content Lin, and excellent use of visual illustrations to build your argument. Interestingly the story you chose from Wikinews doesn’t exist anymore! Perhaps it was deleted for legal reasons, as the court case was in progress when it was written and the header suggested that facts in the story had been disputed. It appears other news on this topic has been deleted too, so the only story left on this topic is one that was due to be deleted yesterday. I have kept a copy of it for you. I should also explain that the header before the Wikinews story is an effort by the organisation to be transparent about the way the news is produced – so it is an essential part of the participatory process.
    A few other thoughts for your final analysis:
    – You don’t have a main image on your post, but I think you could use one of Nicolas Cruz. You could also use it as a feature image, in which case it will also appear as the thumbnail image on the Assignment 1 listing. At the moment you don’t have a feature image set, so you could explore doing that [see the feature image field at the right hand side of the new post window].
    – images give additional detail about the way a person looks, their age, sex etc.
    – don’t forget to use keyword tags as part of your post (see the tags field to the right of the new post field on the blog)
    – there are quite a few grammatical and spelling mistakes in your post (and in some other peoples’ too). In the next two assignments you will lose marks for these, so it is worth taking the time to proof-read your submissions.

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