Analysis of article on China-US trade war, covered by ChinaDaily



This China Daily article is about the trade war between China and America, which raised considerable attention lately.


The Pros

  • Easy to be read since the text has been well separated. Usually one sentence per paragraph.
  • There are some social media icons at the right top, so it is sharable.

The Cons and Recommendations

  • Thumbnails can be added to lots of the articles in this web. Image related to the article can be put at the top, which can increase the interest of readers to click the news.
  • This is a news report derived from a news conference. A short video of the Primer Li stressing the key issues or making key arguments can be added.
  • Hyperlinks can be added to some important resources and data reference. For instance, the editors could have added a link to the data $580 billion.
  • A URL can be linked to the key article reported where did the trade war starts, in case some readers don’t have the whole picture of the issue.
  • A short biography can be linked to the by-line, which allows readers to check other articles from the author.
Jianan Dong
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  1. Good suggestions Janice for a video of Li Xinping reacting to Trump’s trade announcement, and for a reporter biography for Zhang Yunbi. It’s also good to see you use of keyword tags on the post.

    A few thoughts for your full analysis:
    – I am worried that you may not know how to embed links in keywords as you have spelled out the story URL in full. I have given you an example of how to embed it in the words “This China Daily article”. Can you please revisit my slides from this week, and make sure you can embed a link in keywords of your post?
    – You have a relevant opening image on your post. However, you also need a feature image to appear as a thumbnail promoting your post in the Assignment 1 category. Check out the feature image function to the bottom right of the new post field.
    – I don’t understand your suggestion to make the words $580 billion into a link. What is the link pointing to? What resource will explain the size and nature of the US/China trade partnership?
    – Do you have the details of the story announcing the start of the trade war? Then please embed the URL for that story in your sentence, to show you can embed a link.
    – Thumbnail images could only be added to the latest article to the right hand side of the page. All other article excerpts already have them.
    – there are quite a few grammatical and spelling mistakes in your post (and in some other peoples’ too). In the next two assignments you will lose marks for these, so it is worth taking the time to proof-read your submissions.

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