Analysis of article on Australian Yoga teacher shooting, covered by BBC News

Analysis of the article

Justine Damond shooting: US policeman charged with murder”,

published by BBC News (same topic also reported by BuzzFeed)


-The article is concise and delivers relevant and understandable information in short paragraphs.

(2 or 3 sentences per paragraph).

-The multimedia material accompanying the text effectively enhances understanding and also provides additional information (photographs and videos).



Referring to the victim by name in the title without initially introducing the context/identities of the people involved may confuse readers who are reading the article for the first time;

Also it is difficult to remember specific names as keywords when searching for additional information online.

It is more ideal to replace the name with, “An Australian Yoga Teacher”.


1. This news article uses full length sentences as links instead of linking keywords. Therefore, the reader must  read the entire linked sentence to decipher what they are about to click on.


2. Usually, it is more suitable to place links to related articles at the end. However, since this post provides new information on a previous story, it is more appropriate to link the previous article and some background information at the beginning of the new article. This will clearly inform the reader as to what has happened.


The video is placed between two related paragraphs which disrupts the flow of information.

It is better to place it at the end of the related paragraphs.


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Melody Chen is current student studying a Master of Media Practice in the University of Sydney. Before that, she complete her Bachelor degree of Arts- English and French at Nanjing Normal University.

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  1. Nicely presented analysis Melody. You are right to question the BBC’s use of full sentence links. Journalists would be better to attribute the link and have a few keywords in which the hypertext is embedded eg The incident prompted the “resignation of Minneapolis police chief Janee Harteau” last year.
    Generally you are right about the use of ordinary citizens’ names in headlines. However, the Justine Damond case is well-known, and has been covered by news organisations for over a year, so her name is a keyword now, and more recognised by Australians at least.
    Excellent observation about the placement of the video interrupting the flow of the narrative. Well done too with your use of typography to lay out your analysis.

    A few more thoughts for your full analysis:
    – You have a relevant opening image on your post. However, you also need a feature image to appear as a thumbnail promoting your post in the Assignment 1 category. Check out the feature image function to the bottom right of the new post field.
    – You could have used more key word tags eg. Justine Damond, crime, Mohamed Noor
    – The BBC links open on the same page, while most people would prefer they opened in new tabs

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