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Image: See-Ming Lee 新聞攝影 Photojournalism / 香港人 Hong Kong Humans /

Welcome to doing journalism and media production online! I’m your lecturer/tutor/mentor/troubleshooter Fiona Martin and I started my journalism career in community radio, followed by a stint with the ABC (ABC Radio National and 702 Sydney), then print media, and finally I became a freelancer and academic. I write for The Conversation and you’ll read/see/hear me on various media platforms.  This semester we’re going to explore lots of ways of telling stories about your world – stories that can highlight social issues, injustices or environmental problems, and important stories about your life and experiences. We’ll use all forms of media – from 2D photography to 360 degree video and augmented reality – and several different publishing platforms including this blog. If you need to contact me just email: fiona.martin@sydney.edu.au or tweet @media_republik And if you were wondering about the originas of our banner image – this week it’s from photo journalist Alisdare Hickson, and it’s called ‘Aleppo – The New Holocaust’, part of an image captured at a protest march in London on the 17th December last year. It’s Creative Commons licensed to use under the Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license (CC-BY-SA2.0).


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