Step up to Change and Get Pay Raise: Lata Hamilton

Meet the woman who tripled her salary in 5 years. Lata Hamilton step up for changes and enjoy every outcome of it.

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The first time I heard Lata Hamilton’s panel speech in Women, Stories, Opportunities: Careers for Women in the Arts and Social Sciencesin Uni Sydney, she is powerful and inspiring speaker. The story of her pay jump and her unconditional career path just “wow” everyone in the room. She understands that change is the essence of work nowadays and embraces every change that comes in her career.

Lata started her career with commercial goods industry, and then financial service. Now she works as change management consultant in City of Parramatta and has her own consulting service. She is also career change coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner.

Most of all, her pay jump rocketed from 20,000 to 90,000 dollars. But success doesn’t just come to the door.

Strategy of seeking pay jump

The journey of pay jump start with the rejection of asking for pay raise in her early career stage.

After graduate from university, Lata worked at one of big four bank at her early career stage. Without any financial background, Lata spent much time on learning and developing skills. But she got turn down when asking for a pay raise.

“When I was requesting a pay raise and looking at past performance, and I didn’t get it. I thought myself “you know what? If I am going to work in a company that’s not going to value my experiences, my development and my progression, why would I want to stay here? That’s not going to happen.””

“When you’re in one organisation, they used to value you at particular level, at particular rate. So even you get progression and promotion in that company, they will always compare to what you’re on now.”

“One way to progress your salary real fast, is to change the company, change organisation. You don’t have to change the industry. But for you to consistently pitch to the market rate, you have to move companies.”

 Clarity and Confidence

Just have an idea to change the companies and organisations is not enough.

In her own career and clients she coaches, Lata observes that a lot of Gen Y women don’t have the mindset for seeking the pay jump outside of current path of their career.

“Clarity and confidence.” Lata said.

When Lata was thinking about to change her career to change management, she wasn’t confident enough to believe that she is capable for this job. But the manager who hired her thought she is ready. Therefore, with her manager believing in her, she started her change management career. Within few months, Lata brought out great outcomes and won employee award.

“I think I would just say if you don’t believe in yourself at this stage, find somebody who does. And use their belief in order to be able to start getting some around or later, until you are able to believe in yourself.” Lata said accordingly to her experience.

Beat the Imposter Syndrome, Step Up to Learn

Lata’s clients from coaching are mostly Gen Y women who seek to breakthrough their career and earn success.

Imposter syndrome is the thing that a lot of Gen Y women feel when their careers start to fly. Lata experienced it before. But when you beat imposter syndrome, you will move on to next level of your career.

“Gen Y women have a trait that even they earn the ability and credibility, they still think that they are imposter.”

“You can’t learn in your comfort zone. If you stay in your comfort zone, you just keep doing the same things you’ve always done and keep getting the same result that you’ve always gotten. You have to move from your comfort zone in order to learn, grow and develop, and also progress. “

“The worst thing in the world that you can do is go into a role feeling like an imposter, instead go into a role feeling like a learner.”

“I know a lot of people feel it, I certainly felt it in my own career in my own way. But I think we need to understand that we actually earn the right to be there. Sometimes you don’t have to earn the right. Because having the appetites to learn already gives you the right to be anywhere.”

The Myth of Work-Life balance

Work-life balance sometimes is an issue for some women who have side business. When talking about work-life balance, Lata thinks that the word “balance” gives people a sense of “zero-sum game”. Instead, she believes more in work and life integration.

Speaking of Lata’s daily plan out, it is blend of work and life. At the same time, she knows things such as travel and learning are important to her.

“Because I work flexibly, so my personal time and business time sort of blend together.

“One thing I would say is that I know what is important to me. Travel is important to me. Cause I work from home. It is important to me just to leave my neighbourhood. I will just spend my time with my boyfriend and reboots our relationship.”

“I build my time for business. I still go to courses to learn new things, to build my skills. I still go three or four courses a year.”

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