What Makes You More Attractive? Just Try to Dance K-pop Like David Tu

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K-pop, with its unique energy and charm, attracts more and more fanatics all over the world. It now has grown in prominence to become a major driver of global culture. David Tu is one of the huge K-pop fans in Sydney, Australia. The way he supports K-pop is really special which is to join the K-pop society in University of New South Wales and two K-pop dance crews called Horizon and Triple Threat. They dedicated to sharing their love for K-pop through creating dance covers and dance sets of K-pop music videos, special stage dance performances.
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(Cover Images of  Horizon and Triple Threat )
  • What makes David charming and confident? —K-pop girl group dances!

It has been 4 years that David starts dancing K-pop dances. Girls Generation is the first group he felled in love with in high school. “I think that time was the <Run Devil Run > came out.”, he remembered, “My friend told me to watch it, and the choreography was amazing and the video was so cool. And the girls are really fun. So I got really hooked on to that video.” From then on, he started to pay close attention to K-pop and found many other wonderful groups. He just likes everything about K-pop, especially the girl group dances. Among all of the great groups, he loves ‘Secret’ the most. But unfortunately, ‘Secret’ disbanded in 2016. And now, his favorite group is ‘DreamCatcher’ because he likes their powerful dances and impressive visual storytelling. He is not only enjoying the girl group dances the sexy and she concept, but also learning it and sharing it. “It’s like being a different person, it’s like being super powerful, being really sexy. And it is really fun to be that kind of character. So I really enjoy it.” David said.

Q&A with David

Check out the interview video of the leader of Horizon and Triple Threat~

(Q&A with David, filmed  by Sana Wu and Angie Pan )

  • How can you improve your dance skills? Go to UNSW K-pop workshops.

Basically, UNSW K-pop society will organize workshop every week during the semester, teaching the trend K-pop dances to the university students. David is not only a member of UNSW K-pop society but also the dance director and co-leader of it. So he is in charge of teaching girl group dances. He is such a good teacher who could easily active class atmosphere and teaches each movement clearly. Maybe this is because his 2-years dance teaching experience, or maybe its because his major is related to education. You really should come in person and participate one workshop to find out the unique personal charm of David. After one class, you will impress by the magic of K-pop and your dancing skills will get better.

The most wonderful workshop that David has ever taught was ‘Bad boy’ from Red Velvet. “I taught the chores and then the dance break. And then we also did the A cappella version. It was really fun. Everyone was singing it. It was really unforgettable.” David said. Cassandra Ge, a student at the University of Sydney who is not a K-pop fan, but occasionally took that workshop. She was so impressed by the infectious of K-pop dance. “During the break, it’s so sweet that some of the students sang and danced the ‘Bad boy’ spontaneously. And then the whole class started practicing together. It seems like everyone knows the Korean language!” Cassandra said.


RED VELVET – BAD BOY DANCE WORKSHOP + ACAPELLA // HORIZON HORIZON is a Kpop cover dance crew based in Sydney, Australia, dedicated to sharing our love for Kpop through our covers and performances! —- This semester they will teach a workshop for UNSW Kpop Society on Fridays 4-6 at UNSW Arc Dance Studio.

(‘Bad Boy’ Workshop of UNSW K-pop society, filmed by UNSW K-pop society)

David thinks that workshop is a good way to promote Korean culture because he thinks K-pop is one of the main parts of Korean culture. Through workshops, people could get into, like the music, the songs, the dancing, music videos and the idols and that’s what people get into the K-pop for. “But there are definitely also many parts of the Korean culture like the food, the culture, the language that definitely the workshops don’t take it into account. But the workshop is definitely a way that people can get into K-pop and Korean culture.”, he added.

  • Horizon or Triple Threat?

(Images by Horizon and Triple Threat, edit by Sana Wu)

David is in two crews now. One is Horizon which is formed in 2017. The other one is a new group, Triple threat, which is consist of three guys who have the specific taste of dances—sexy and effeminate dances.

In Horizon, if a new K-pop song comes out, David as a leader will ask their members whether they want to do this cover together. If so, what David does is to allocate the original members’ position into their member’s position in case their members fighting over. Due to here are lots of member in Horizon, they could do more big projects. If there are nine people in the original music video, there will be nine members in the cover. In Triple Threat, there are only three members. All of them are enthusiastic about sexy girl group dances. They would like to wear sexy clothes and makeup to do the cover dances and performances. So basically, Horizon is the main group David in part of. He does more covers in Horizon and fewer covers with Triple Threat.

  • Difficulties and chances of David, Horizon, and Triple Threat

When you watch videos of Horizon and Triple Threat, you will definitely be touched by their infectious and energetic performances. However, during their practice, they also meet some difficulties. Sometimes, the choreography is really complicated which need a lot of time to run through it. In order to make every movement perfect, they have to practice together over and over again. “It’s really, sometimes it’s demotivating because it’s not like everyone is working to that potential.”, David said. If some of the members feel stressful, he would like to let his members take a break, step outside and take a breath. Because they are doing the things they really love and none of them ever want to drop out of the project.

Negative comments on the Internet is also one of the problems. David will ignore them mostly. Or he could delete them, but he just doesn’t. If it is a criticism, he will read it and learn from it. Trying to work harder and make everything better. If the comment is really mean and hateful, he will just leave the rude comment there and let others thumb that down.

[KPOP WORLD FEST SYDNEY PRELIMS 2018] CLC – Black Dress Performance by Triple Threat

KPOP WORLD FEST SYDNEY PRELIMS 2018] CLC – Black Dress Performance by Triple Threat . Winning the Kpop World Fest Sydney Prelims was such an overwhelming experience for us. We are so thankful for everyone who came to support and cheer for us~ You guys made it worth every second.

(Performance video in Sydney Korean Festival by Triple Treat)

Recently, Triple Treat competed in Sydney Korean Festival with other 8 K-pop crews around Australia. They came out with the stunning makeup, wearing the hotpants and heels performing ‘Black Dress’ by CLC. The performance really rocked the stage and the screaming never ends. At last, they won the first prize and the group has the chance to present Australia to perform in K-pop World Festival 2018 in Changwon, Korean. During the ‘Black Dress’ practice, three guys challenged to dance in heels. And they always have a tendency to fall down which they think it’s really funny but worth it. And thanks to this practice, they did not ever trip on the stage.

Do you like the performance of Triple Threat?
  • The future plan of David and his crews

Although David is a successful dancer and leader, David also hopes to have better dance skills in the future and have tons of subscribers for both Horizon and Triple Threat on YouTube. If possible, David would also love to cooperate with other crews from all over the worlds.

BLACKPINK – Boombayah (MIXNINE Choreography Ver.) Dance Cover by Triple Threat x HORIZON x Triple C

BLACKPINK – Boombayah (MIXNINE Choreography Ver.) Dance Cover by Triple Threat x HORIZON x Triple C . The first dance cover on our channel for 2018! This collab project has been a long time coming~ We have more awesome covers coming in the new year! We hope you stick around.

(The cooperation cover by Horizon, Triple Threat and Triple C)

When mentioning the future trend of the K-pop in Sydney, he thinks that as BTS, Blackpink and Twice these big groups are getting super popular, more people in Sydney as well as other places will get into K-pop. And K-pop in Sydney will definitely get bigger.

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