Under the Australian tightening migration policy, why Chinese students are still fanatical about PR?

Under the increasing restriction Australian government exerts on migration policy, masses of Chinese students still strongly desire for PR. What is the reason? Is it a rational decision?

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Intended publication and targeted readership:

My feature contextualizes a stark comparison that although the Australian government is continuous tightening the migration policy these years, why massive Chinese students still have strong desire for migration. Given that my targeted group is Chinese students who are studying abroad and scheduled to migrate to Australia, I tend to pitch my feature to the Uni sector of JUNKEE.com, an Australian popular culture and news website targets on the younger generation.

Background information: 

In general, Skilled – Independent visa(subclass 189) and contemporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457) are the two most plausible pathways for Chinese student to get the final permanent residency(PR). However, with excessive influx of overseas students who come to Australia for PR, Australian government has gradually restricted the immigration policy these years.

On 18 April 2017, The former 457 subclass was replaced by Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa, which requires for a higher benchmark with a mandatory work experience of two years.

As for the 189 subclass, before apply for visa, students must first get the invitation of Australian government.


                                                       The process of applying for 457 visa   

According to the new statistics released by Department of Home Affairs, the points score requirement of invitation surged from average 65 to 75 from February, 2017 to March, 2018.











In addition, it is obvious that the overall invitation issued by Australian government during 2017-18 program year was 14466, a sharply decrease from 21009 during 2016-2017 program year.


However, although Australian government significantly restricts the immigration amount, Chinese students still have a strong desire for student visa, a simple pathway for temporary visa and permanent resident. The latest statistics indicates that Chinese people who applied for student visa significantly increased from 10,406 to 13,625 during 2016-2018.


Intended interviewee:

  1. Due to the point system of migration and limited amount of invitation, Chinese students are forced to find more avenues for higher points in order to compete with other intending applicants. Therefore, I will unfold my feature story with an interview of my Chinese friend who transferred from Queensland University to Tasmania University for five points due to study in low population growth metropolitan.
  2. I will also interview some other Chinese friends about their efforts and reasons for migration, particularly when china’s ‘ One Belt, One Road’ initiative is creating enormous potential employment market for talents of all the fields.
  3. As for more authoritative opinion and advises about the Chinese students who pursue for PR, Dr. Chris.f.wright, a expert in immigration will be the best choice. Moreover, I will also interview the Student Center of Sydney University for the statistics about Chinese students enrollment of these years.

Online presence:

  1. Multiple tables and bar graphs to illustrate the trend of tightening migration policy and the increasing number of Chinese students apply for temporary visa.
  2. Given that JUNKEE.com support the Youtube. Therefore, a relative video will be an effective way to capture the readers’ attention and enable them to comprehensively understand the topic.
  3. The last part of my feature will center on the viable and rational advises for Chinese students who desire for migration. Therefore, I tend to choose a slider show to visually present the Dr. Chris.f.wright’s advices and my own advices.
  4. Moreover, a comment area will be an inactive way to engage with readers.
  5. In order to achieve transparency and openness, I will share my Facebook and twitter accounts for reader to contact with me on the issue.


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