International students: Say thank you to those lonely days – feature story proposal

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1.Introduce a newsworthy topic and  its angle

This is a story about international student cohort in Australia and I am aiming to write how they get over from loneliness. Being overseas study is challenging as it is not only about academy but also about the problem during the daily life such as dealing with casual-work, get involved in local communities. The similarity of these challenging tasks is taking long time to recognise and find out solutions. As a result, overseas students are easily to get isolated and probably suffered from severe mental illness but everyone should know the way to be survived from it.

This story will be delivered as a feature piece. The angle will focus on the possible solutions that students may get rid of loneliness and this will mainly through two approaches. One is observing how they enjoy the loneliness, another is what kind of services do schools and societies can provide.

One temporary title is “International students: Say thank you to those lonely days”.

2.Desire publication and target audience group

As it is a common issue among both Australian community and all English language speaking societies, target audience cohorts would be stakeholders for studying aboard, especially:

  • International students themselves and their parents
  • International school graduates and alumni
  • Academics
  • Students support services departments
  • International affair offices

World-Student magazine, a new print and digital magazine aimed at students in international schools around the world (-their E-zine vision is readable) is a suitable publication for this feature, as most articles are written by students which means I can probably publish my one in both print and digital form.

Here is the contact detail:

3.Gathering information( by human, documentary and online resources)

  • Human resources:
Interviewee’s information

My interviewee Mr.Messener is the one who have lots of experience about dealing with international students’ issue in USYD especially  for freshman.

Meanwhile, a large number of international students mainly from USYD and UTS will be interviewed about several questions and I would present them by embedding in my video.

  • Online materials:

Here are a few articles that already published about the topic:

Loneliness and International Students: An Australian Study 

Research finds loneliness is a serious risk to our health

The loneliness of being an International Student – when does it end?

One was published by ABC website, which would attract my audiences’ attention.

Relevant article from ABC online


  1. Ideas for multimedia, hypertext and interactivity.

Since the target audience is international students, I am thinking to embedding an infographic about current international students’ amount and nationalities in Australia.

Embedding a long video (or two short videos) that start with a quick look of international student’s one day and then followed by observing what kind of loneliness he faces to, in the end, showing how he eventually learns to enjoy being alone.

Further, I would embed links of relevant articles and other resources such as the website of an organisation which can provide overseas student services and some relevant documents’ URL as well.



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