How could we solve this problem——Overseas Students working in Australia with unfair treatment


How could we solve this problem——Overseas Students working in Australia with unfair treatment 

In this article, I will suggest using the form of commentary to make an argument about the unfair phenomena of international students working in Australia. I will first make an argument and then demonstrate my argument mainly based on the personal experience of the interviewees I have found.

Topic and Angle

As a diversified, pluralistic country, Australia attracts lots of international students with the different cultural background studying here. Some of the overseas students are attractive by the education resources, they are willing to gain higher education level. A large proportion of these overseas students have come attracted by its’ relatively loose immigration policy. They choose to study in Australia in order to immigrate to this country in the future.

There may be a variety of purposes to be an international student, but there is no denying that international students are a very large group in Australia. According to the department of education and training 2017 annual report, there were 624,001 international students in Australia. A large number of them need to work in this big city to pay high living costs. And this has also produced some common problems, such as illegal low wages, long working hours, no penalty for holidays, unpaid wages and so on. My topic will focus on these phenomena.

However, my angle would not only observe these phenomena, because this series of unfair treatment has been going on for a very long time, and definitely not only happen in Australia. Therefore, my argument is now “this phenomenon could not be solved“, and I will demonstrate the reason why this event is difficult to be solved through my information source.

Publication and target audience

The publication I choose is Buzzfeed, China daily, and the Chinese website BuzzFeed is a digital-born media which contains different kinds of narrative genera. So has stronger interactive techniques to support the online journalists publish a variety of new media content. Also, as an online news website, I believe that this commentary will be more widely disseminated by wide internet users. Choose two Chinese mainstream media seems advisable because the statistics from the Australia government shows that Chinese students are the largest group in the overseas students’ society.

Obviously, the overseas student especially Chinese students will be the core target audience. However, it could also be used as evidence materials for solving practical problems, so the other relevant organizations or individuals who want to do a further analysis of this topic could also be my audience.

The source of information

  1. Interviewees: The main evidence for my article will come from my interviewees. I plan to interview probably 5 overseas students, especially Chinese students. Also, I need some people with “big perspective” so I will try to interview some spokesman from some authority like fair work Australia. I will try to contact the small business owners who pay the unfair salary to see their angle.
  2. Online: Finding some already existed resources like past news report or news release to support my argument is undoubtedly a solid backbone.


Ideas of multimedia, hypertext, and interactivity

I expect to use a short video as the basis for the authenticity of my interview. I plan to organize the interview content into the manuscript and put it on my personal social account. The reader can connect to my interview manuscript through the hyperlink of my article. Also, the readers could directly contact me by this method. Finally, I am going to design some quiz for interesting and test the acknowledgment about working in Australia.


Xutong Ma
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  1. Hi, Xutong.
    I’m really interested in your topic. Actually, both international students and the local students would be treated unfairly in the part-time job. And I also do the part-time job in Coco, a milk tea chain-store in the world. Although I’m not be treated unfairly in the salary, I do know that how hard doing the part-time in the spare time. So, in my opinion, you could ask different overseas students who suffer different wage problems in the part-time job and how do they deal with this problem by themselves.
    And as the one news hyperlink, there is one student who doesn’t want the unfair wage problem to be addressed due to he/she is afraid of many shops would close because they rising the wage and he/she would lose his/her job. And this is also a unique angle to write this story.
    Hope these would be useful to you. And wish you can work smoothly on this assignment!!
    Yours, Sana : )

    • Thank you Sana! I notice that you mentioned people think it’s hard to solve this problem because some may afraid to lose their jobs. This is a good suggestion, I totally agree with you.

  2. Hi, Xutong! I think your commentary proposal is really attractive. As Peiqi mentioned, I am also one of the core target audiences and I have noticed this problem as well. With the increasingly overseas students of Australia, it draws public attention that there is unfair treatment among international students who work in Australia. Take my friend as an example, she could only get a low reward which is less than her colleagues although they do the same workload. It is very interesting that your position is the phenomenon could not be solved.

    There are also recommendations for you to improve your final essay. Firstly, in order to the critical thinking of your final essay, you could mention viewpoints of the objections. Secondly, it would be more convincing if you work more on the multimedia. As you mentioned, it would be great if you interview someone and post it as a video. You could add other links or videos in relation to this topic.
    Hope it would be useful to you. I am looking forward to reading your final work.
    Best wishes! 🙂

  3. Hi Xutong!

    I am one of the target audiences who are attracted by your topic. And I am impressed by the unusual angle of this article you choose that ” this phenomenon could not be solved”. I do not know if there has been some other articles using this angle but it really triggered my curious about the arguments.

    You have chosen one of the Australian news websites and two Chinese websites as publications with clear reasons, but I am thinking that may be there can be more Australian websites to suit your article. For the reason that the character of your article is focusing on international students which means they are in Australia, so they may have more access to Australian news websites.

    In addition, I think it is quite a challenge for you to interview some business owners who pay unfair salary, because from my view those owners won’t be wiling to disclose the situation they treat their staffs.

    Good idea of the content of the video and the quiz!

    Wish you good luck! I am looking forward to your article!

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