A welcome proposal for women, that forgets about the women: Labor vow to abolish #tampontax

A proposal for Junkee Media: A commentary on the #tampontax and the real, social issues being ignored in favour of political gain and bragging rights.

'Luxury.' via LineLundsPhotography/flickr.
Deputy MP Tanya Pilsbersek has called the tax ‘dumb.’ Lukas Coch/ AAP.


I am going to write a commentary for Junkee on the recent renewed debate surrounding the #tampontax.

On April 29, the Labor government announced their ambition to end the ‘tax on women’, the tax on feminine hygiene items such as tampons and sanitary pads, if they are successfully elected during the next national election. This same Labor government voted down a proposal in June 2017 to abolish this tax.

I want to highlight how the political rhetoric has failed to acknowledge the real-world impact of such unfair and discriminatory taxes. Groups such as transgender and homeless women are disproportionately impacted by these legislative practices, and women have been historically removed from political discourse surrounding their bodies and female health issues, which is continuing in Labors new concern for this issue. This issue sits firmly at the intersection of gender and economic politics, and I wish to highlight how current rhetoric about the issue fails  to discuss the way the everyday woman – from the single mother, transgender women or homeless – is made to feel as though their health should be considered a ‘luxury’ as opposed to items such as condoms and Viagra. This appears to be an entirely particular move, motivated by potential gain not morality.

The Shorten Government vow to abolish the ‘tampon tax.’ via @tanya_pilsbersek on Twitter.


I wish to target milennials, as they are a highly impressionable demographic who are constantly engaging with online content. Close to 70 percent of Junkee’s viewers are directed from mobile devices, suiting the coveted 18-24 age demographic. According to Alexa, Junkee has a disproportionately high percentage of female viewers.

I wish to speak to millennials because my post is focused on attitudes, cyclical representations that are harmful and historic in Australian society. For change to occur, active and new members of the political and public sphere must be educated and willing to question standards. I obviously want to appeal to women, but also men in the hopes of effectively communicating how much damage is caused in these instances.



I will source my information from a wide variety of sources to ensure my article, though a commentary, is rooted in cultural, social and economic concerns and is factually sound. I will draw on statistics to reference macro-concerns and interviews/quotes from people to provide a micro-level grounding. Amongst others, I will use:

Multimedia and Interactivity:

Hyperlinks: All sources and individuals that I quote will be hyperlinked to the original sources. I will also link to other articles within Junkee that discuss the tampon tax, pink tax and other relevant material.

Multimediality: Alongside images, I hope to feature between 3-5 GIF’s in my article. Many of Junkee’s political articles have a humorous slant and I want to reflect this in the writing style and the media featured throughout the commentary.

Cover image: I am going to create my own image for the featured photograph.  I hope to create some sort of collage of tampons/pads/sanitary items or a collation of male political figure-heads who have refused to support this measure in the past.



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  1. I think this is a very newsworthy idea, women’s issues are definitely a focus in the world and media this year, I think this is a good way to bring the issues back to an Australian audience.

    I think your millennial target audience is also a good idea as this is where the change will come from, and they are definitely an empowered group that would be interested in these issues.

    I think your political sources will be good, however I think the personal sources will be most interesting and help create a real perspective and angle on the story.

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