A different pattern of Anzac Day as women starting to lead the march


The story topic and angles

I would like to write a news commentary about the diversity of Anzac Day after so many years. Since the Anzac Day started from 1915 up to now, it has been through over 100 years and literally, all Anzac have died remaining a few old veterans. 

What is noteworthy is that the types of people attending the Anzac Day have changed a lot over the years, from the majority of people were veterans and Australian citizens to a growing number of young generations and people from different countries. In the meantime, the patterns of Anzac Day also varied differently while the most distinctive fact of Anzac Day in 2018 is that women started to lead the March for the first time.

Therefore, the angles for my commentary will be the comparisons between the various changing types of people attending the Anzac Day and the different patterns or facts showing up in current Anzac Day.

The publication and target users group

Totally, in general, the target audiences will be the public who care about Anzac Day and who are willing to get in touch with the latest news happening in the world. So the publication will be the international news press like BBC and some local newspapers and news websites. 

Specifically, the first group will be young generations with different background cultures from different countries; the second group will be female groups especially those who concentrate on women’s social status; the third group will be international people who travel to Australia and are keen on diverse cultures.

The source of information

  • Interviews 

The interviews will be launched in those people who have attended the Anzac Day so many times and are the witnesses to the changing of Anzac Day. And also the young generations showing up in Anzac Day as well as the female marchers.

  • Documentaries 

There are some existing reports about the female starting to lead the March in Anzac Day in 2018, like ‘Women will lead Anzac Day parades’ and ‘Anzac Day march in Darwin to be led by women for the first time’. 

Accordingly, there will be further researches on the history of Anzac Day and the activities on Anzac Day. Meanwhile, the changes happened on Anzac Day during the years and people’s opinions towards Anzac Day among different age groups.

  • Social media 

From the popular social media platforms to get data of what kinds of people are attending Anzac Day and get information about how people think of Anzac Day nowadays. 

Ideas of multimedia, hypertext and interactivity

By using a lot of pictures and photos of Anzac Day like the pictures of the history of Anzac Day and the photos taken on Anzac Day in 2018 to make comparisons. And the videos of the current situation of the crowds attending Anzac Day and the activities happened in Anzac Day in 2018.

Screenshots of the public’s opinions towards Anzac Day on social media platforms and some links to other news websites about Anzac Day of background information.

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