Tourists May Be Banned From This Popular Beach Because They Ruined It

the original beautiful scenery. Max Shen / Getty Images

I am analyzing this story from BuzzFeed about the deleterious impact on the environment of  Boracay Island imposed by tourists.

This report explains the negative situation of some famous tourist destinations in terms of the damage caused by the visitor’s activities. Therefore, the local government and several environment-protection organizations issue several policies such as temporary shutdown or limiting the tourist arrivals to preserve the environment. As far as I am concerned, there are several points to improve.

Firstly, in terms of multimedia, this report takes advantage of words, pictures, and videos. But in reality, Internet users prefer to browse blocks of information rather than the whole report. Furthermore, the theme of this report is not attractive to the majority of the reader. Only shocking news or interesting headline can capture the users’ attention.

Secondly. as for interactivity, this report provides social media platform. mail, comment zone with the reader. It is very obvious that the result is fruitless. As a universal topic, engagement levels is of great significance to cope with the issues. My proposal is to online activity like appealing people to upload the pictures or videos of their tourist activity or coming up with their ideas.

Thirdly., with regards to interface design, the author should put emphasis on demonstrating the detrimental influence of tourism instead of displaying the beautiful scenery.

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  1. You’ve made some interesting assertions about what could be improved here, but I’m not clear that you have done your readings carefully for this assignment. I’d like to talk with you about this work. Could we organise a consultation for some time this week?
    A few further thoughts for your full analysis:
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