Syria’s Civil War Is Ending. But The War For Syria Is Just Beginning.

Buzzfeed's article on the 'Ongoing war in Syria', shows lack of user needs through insufficient features such as Hypertext and Multimedia.

Feature image: Above the fold screenshot of the Buzzfeed article Syria’s Civil War is Ending. But the War for Syria is just Beginning.

Lack of crucial Features in the article

To draw readers to the story, there should be a powerful image above the fold to attract and maintain the interest of the readers, providing them the motivation to continue scrolling.

The half visual image above the fold, decreases the scannability of the page. The big size’s of the images throughout the article elongates the article, furthering the decrease in scannability as well as providing the readers the opportunity to loose interest in the article.

(Hamza al-Ajweh / AFP / Getty    A man walks in the dust following regime air strikes on the rebel-held besieged town of Douma in the Eastern Ghouta region.) Image from the buzfeed article – showing the size of the image with the screen space.

  Insufficient use of  Multimedia and Hypertext

The buzzfeed article ONLY used one form of multimedia: images, whereas if they included the form of videos with auto play they would be able to engage and attract more users.

Throughout the article the form of hypertext was not used, hence if there was a reader who wanted to know more, they would not have had the opportunity to do so.

On the other hand the article was very interactive, options of sharing the images were provided as well as a comment section for users to voice out personal opinions.

Means of contact for the user provided.

Information of the author were provided as well as means of contact with buzzfeed, which shows transparency.



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  1. Hasinah, you make some useful suggestions for better linking and multimediality, and I agree that the above the fold presentation of this article is not very gripping. However this is not a news story. It is a feature, a long and complex narrative that explores the background to the news – in this case the war in Syria.

    A few further thoughts for your full analysis:
    – You have a main image on your post, but I think you could also use it as a feature image, in which case it will also appear as the thumbnail image on the Assignment 1 listing. At the moment you don’t have a feature image set, so you could explore doing that [see the feature image field at the right hand side of the new post window].
    – I am worried you don’t know how to embed a link in keywords, so I have edited your post to show you how to embed the initial link in the Buzzfeed article title. I’d like you to add another link somewhere in your post to show me you can do this effectively.
    – you could use a small font for your first main point, rather than the largest headline setting. For the analysis, explore the use of smaller sub-heading font.
    – what video would you embed in this story, where and why?
    – what links would you place in the story, where and why?
    – I think the link attribution could be better – that is, the reporter could better acknowledge the source of the linked resources. For example the second paragraph could read:
    Despite the heavy involvement of the UN and the international community, chances of a lasting peace between the government of Bashar al-Assad and the rebels fighting him seems more distant now than ever. Even so, as the Atlantic Monthly reports some governments are denying fleeing Syrians shelter in the belief the conflict is “winding down.”
    – your keyword tags do not have to have a # sign in front of them. That is a Twitter convention.

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